College/Non-profit Radio: Opportunities

It is still crucial to consider radio play as an essential part of your music career. Streaming networks are a piece of the puzzle but to truly strike a chord with a broader audience, expanding your reach beyond the digital sphere is paramount.

College and non-profit radio stations typically curate their playlists free from the constraints of major industry players. Local artists can seize these unique opportunities to attract new fans, promote live shows, and present your music for airplay consideration. 

65% of listening takes place out of the home.

At the very bottom of this page is a list of three local stations and the steps to guide you towards making a memorable impression in the radio realm.

AM/FM radio is still the #1 mass reach for audio.


Six steps to getting radio play!

  1. Update your brand

    You'll need to update your artist with one sheet that explains who you are and describes your music. You’ll need a place where radio staff can stream your music. Bandcamp or Soundcloud will work perfectly for this. Update these services to match your one sheet.

  2. Make sure your music is radio-ready.

    If someone at the station loves your music but can't play it because it contains profanity or it's not recorded and mixed properly you may have missed out an opportunity with the individual making the decision of what music gets played. Have MP3's of your music ready for request.

  3. Create a target list

    Create a focused list of college, community, and public radio stations, including specialized commercial programs that match your music style. Aim for places within a region you'd realistically tour three to four times a year. This strategic planning gives your music the best chance to nurture your audience.

  4. Submit your music

    Follow-up with a beat of patience and resilience. Sync your calendar to follow-up with each station in two weeks. Confirm receipt and active listening on the part of the station. Politely probe for prospects of your music being added to the playlist lineup. If they chose not to add your music, gracefully accept rejection while gathering feedback. Ask them why they decided not to play your music? Rest assured, your diligent check-ins resonate as a keen commitment, rather than nuisances.

  5. Celebrate Success

    When your music secures a spot on a station's playlist, it's time to celebrate and give thanks. Amplify your appreciation with gestures such as recording radio plugs (This is [Contact] and your listening to..). You can also offer free merchandise. Tokens of gratitude can strengthen your connection with these gatekeepers of the airwaves.

  6. Keep radio stations in the loop with your music career

    Send quarterly emails (back to that calendar) highlighting performance dates and recent accomplishments. Refrain from including stations in fan email lists without explicit consent.

Stations in the KC area that play local music.

KJHK 90.7 – Lawrence





Below is what you’ll need to fill out this form.

Your artist or band’s name.

A little narrative about your band!

Upload up to 5 mp3s


KKFI 90.1 FM – Kansas City

Digital files can be presented to [email protected], where they will be forwarded on to our show hosts for consideration.

These submissions should have a stream link, so we can determine how to route the music.

Stream links that require downloading an outside player, may or may not get reviewed.

It is best to submit digital files in download form, ie, Dropbox, Google Play, etc.

These files will be forwarded to appropriate show hosts for consideration.

MP3 attachments should be limited to less than 8 MB’s Total! Those files larger than 8 MB are difficult to send to the proper people and may not get the opportunity to be considered.

Their submission page


One Kansas City Radio

KONN 100.1 FM

Almost to the bottom of the page you’ll find the link to submit your music.

Submit music

You’ll be prompted to download a form.  Download the form and submit your music.


Publishing your music.

If you have not yet, it’s time to publish your music.  For guidance check out my post on publishing your music.

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