Imagine a figure, masked for anonymity, and lit brilliantly under a spotlight. She is recounting a heartbreaking tale that has been streamed by 2 million devices via YouTube. Creating this kind of digital content requires a team versed in sensitivity.  As a result, we needed to ensure a safe and empowering space for sharing experiences. 

This episode of the Vice Media Informer series utilized a remote workflow. We took our direction from a UK-based producer and a California-based director. They needed to remotely interview this victim of a Korean private school on set. In our studio, the anonymous English teacher discusses being caught in the relentless grind of an exploitative school system. She shares her story for the first time in front of multiple cameras and dangling microphones.   

She paints a grim picture where staff and students are driven to their absolute limits. This is a place where many teachers prefer to “midnight run”– the act of vanishing without any warning due to the extreme pressure. She discusses sexual harassment, constant surveillance through CCTV, and verbal abuse all underneath a deceptive façade.   

Behind the scenes.  

The technical setup is more than just adhering to certain specifications. It is about building an echo system of trust through efficiency. Each participant needs to be able to see and hear one another without the gear being a part of their experience.  

As audio engineers, one of our tasks is to make sure each uttered word, and each emotive pause is captured, and preserved. Therefore allowing everyone involved to immerse themselves fully in the unfolding narrative. Each second of the capture must respect the storyteller.   


We employ the latest noise reduction tools to ensure audio reaches the listener exactly as intended. So despite the geographical barriers, you will experience a connection even on YouTube.

As we amplify voices, we are transforming narratives while contributing to tomorrow’s audio tech evolution. 

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